A downloadable GMLDocMaker for Windows


GMLDocMaker is a free Windows utility I created to generate beautiful HTML documentation out of your GML code assets (especially scripts). This is very handy so you can keep your libraries, snippets, function libraries and other stuff nicely documented for you and your users!

GMLDocMaker analyzes each GML file and looks for properly documented (i.e. JSDoc) markup, then converts it to HTML in batch (using Fomantic UI for styling and interactivity).


GMLDocMaker processes all selected files in batch and generates single HTML files per each GML file with at least one properly documented function.

The current version of GMLDocMaker supports the following JSDoc tags:

  • @function, @func  - Function call
  • @desc, @description - Function description
  • @param, @arg, @argument - Function parameters.
  • @return, @returns - Function return info.

GMLDocMaker supports optional parameters (by enclosing the parameter name in square brackets, as per the JSDoc documentation) and parameter and return types (by adding the type after the @param  tag, enclosed in curly braces).

GMLDocMaker generates a single HTML file for each GML you select that has at least one documented function (i.e. that has a @function / @func tag).

GMLDocMaker is free as in "gratis".


  1. Download and unzip to a folder of your choice.
  2. Execute GMLDocMaker.exe.
  3. Select the folder where your GML scripts reside.
    1. GMLDocMaker will list all GML files inside this folder and all subfolders.
    2. Check/uncheck which specific GML files you want analyzed.
  4. Select the folder where you want your beautiful HTML documentation generated.
  5. Type a project name (it can be the utility/library/project name, your name, etc.). This will be used as a title and will appear in the header of all generated HTML files.
  6. Click "Generate HTML5 Documentation".
  7. Wait microseconds for it to finish. View/copy process log if needed.
  8. Navigate to your output directory and view your HTML files with your local Apache server or whatever.


Say you have this GML function in a script called "Script72" (because why not):

///@function            simple_sum(x,y,[z])
///@description         Sums two or three values
///@param  {real}  x    The first value
///@param  {real}  y    The second value
///@param  {real}  [z]  The third value if needed [default = 0]
///@return {real}  The sum of all values
function simple_sum(x, y, z=0) {
    return x+y+z;    

After you run GMLDocMaker with project name "Test", you will have an HTML document generated in your selected output directory named "doc_Script72.gml.html" that looks like this:


  • v0.1 (alpha) - Initial release (2021-10-15)


  • CC0 no attribution (credits appreciated but not required).

Known Bugs

None at the moment, but surely they'll pop up as the current version is an alpha version. Let me know via the comments or Discord if you find any.


  • Q: Does GMLDocMaker have external dependencies?
  • A: The generated HTML files use Fomantic UI by default (which in turn includes jQuery). The HTML header fetches these libraries from JSDeliver's CDN. If you need a completely offline version, you can download those libraries and change the corresponding <script> or <link> tags in the top.inc file in the include/ directory.


GMLDocMaker v0.1 alpha.zip 157 kB

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